Bronx Autistic Man’s Family Alleges Physical Abuse

An autistic man’s family is alleging abuse at a Bronx group home, according to NY1. The name of the home is not provided in the report, but NY1 does say that the home is run by Leake and Watts, a not-for-profit group that provides services such as foster care, community residences, and juvenile justice services. The victim’s family claims that he was intentionally burned last year by employees, who used a hot potato masher to inflict the damage. Criminal charges were brought but subsequently dismissed because of insufficient evidence.

As would often be the case with an individual suffering from autism, the resident was unable to describe what had happened to him. Actual physical abuse can be easier to recognize than emotional or sexual abuse, because often symptoms are visible. Often, group home residents are mentally deficient in some capacity. This can lead to difficulty communicating abuse to family or loved ones. Emotional and sexual scars are rarely visible. As such, family members must be diligent in ensuring that their mentally challenged loved ones in group homes are not victims of abuse or neglect.

The full story can be found here on NY1’s website.

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