Bed Sores Prevalent In Orange County New York Nursing Home

The New York State Department of Health found that 24 % of “high risk” residents and 22% of “short stay” residents at Montgomery Nursing Home in Orange County, New York had bed sores (pressure sores, decubiti) for the reporting period of October to December 2008. The national average for “high risk”residents is 12% and the national average for “short stay” residents is 14%.

Residents who are bed-ridden, in a coma or unable to re-position on their own are deemed “high risk.” The “short stay” measure indicates the percentage of residents recently admitted to the nursing home following a hospital stay who developed bed sores, or who acquired bed sores at home or a hospital that did not improve between their 5-day and 14-day assessments at the nursing home. Montgomery Nursing Home ranked last in Orange County, New York in these two categories.

In most instances, the development and progression of bed sores is preventable. Nursing homes must design and implement a plan of care in order to prevent and/or treat the bed sores. These care plans can include the use of pressure relieving devices (mattresses, donuts, heel protectors), frequent turning and positioning while in bed and out of bed, and proper nutrition and hydration methods.

The development of a bed sore is often a sign of elder abuse. Please contact the Law Offices of Thomas L. Gallivan, PLLC if you or a loved one is suffering from a bed sore in a nursing home or hospital.

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