Brief Overview Of New York Public Health Law Section 2801-d

New York Public Health Law § 2801-d provides a private statutory cause of action for residents of nursing homes injured as a result of any deprivation of certain “resident’s rights” that cause an injury. This private right of action is cumulative and separate from any other plausible causes of action, such as medical malpractice and/or negligence. In pertinent part, the statute provides:

“Any residential health care facility that deprives any patient of said facility of any right or benefit, as hereinafter defined, shall be liable to said patient for injuries suffered as a result of said deprivation…

For purposes of this section, a ‘right or benefit’ of a patient of a residential health care facility shall mean any right created or established for the well-being of the patient by the terms of any contract, by any state statute, code, rule or regulation or by any applicable federal statute, code, rule or regulation.”

Numerous statutes, codes and rules and regulations have been established by New York and the federal government that create a “right or benefit” established for the “well-being” of nursing home residents as referenced in Section 2801-d, including New York Public Health Law Section 2803-c, New York Compilation of Codes, Rules & Regulations Section 415, and 42 CFR Section 483.

New York Public Health Law Section 2803-c outlines the “rights of patients” in New York nursing homes. Section 415 of the N.Y. Compilation of Codes, Rules & Regulations enacts a code of minimum standards for nursing homes requiring that staff provide care within accepted professional standards. 42 C.F.R. § 483.1 is a federal regulation that provides minimum standards for nursing homes addressing all aspects of nursing home resident care including quality of life, quality of care, nursing, physician, dietary and other necessary services.

In order to obtain damages under section 2801-d, plaintiffs must prove that the nursing home’s deprivation of a “right or benefit” caused the injury claimed. Punitive damages and attorney’s fees may also be awarded under the statute.

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