Bronx (NYC) Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Report: Resident Dies After Bronx Facility Fails To Monitor Lab Values

Beth Abraham Health Services, a Bronx (NYC) nursing home facility, was recently fined $21,150 by the federal government based on findings of substandard care in a April 27, 2009 inspection, according to a Long-Term Care Community Coalition report. The facility was sanctioned due to its failure to properly monitor and act upon a 66 year-old resident’s PT/INR levels.

The staff at the Bronx facility failed to obtain PT/INR readings for a 7 day period. The resident was administered her normal Coumadin doses over the 7 days. Coumadin is an anticoagulant with a known risk of causing bleeds. The resident presented at a nearby hospital with critical lab values (an INR of 10 – normal range is 2-3), and then died at the hospital 2 days later from a bleed in the brain.

The facility was also cited for not having a written policy in place regarding the reporting of critical lab values.

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