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New York nursing homes are seeing a surge in Covid-19 cases as the omicron variant continues to spread, even infecting residents who are fully vaccinated.

A new Covid-19 surge fueled by the omicron variant is spreading through New York nursing homes, even among those with fully vaccinated residents, according to a new report by Lohud. Data provided by state authorities showed that in the week ending on January 4th, there were almost 4,900 reported Covid cases in the state’s nursing homes, whereas in the previous week there were 1,500. In the week before that, there were fewer than 680. Continue reading


A recent report by the Wall Street Journal found that elderly people living in nursing homes, care facilities, or in the care of their family members have been experiencing more abuse since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic has “stoked” the spread of elder abuse, according to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal. Citing findings by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a study by Yale University researchers, the report observes that “the number of elder-fraud victims increased 55% between 2019 and 2020,” while more than 20% of seniors living in private residences “reported abuse in April and May 2020,” during the early pandemic lockdowns. That figure itself represents “an 83.6% increase over pre-pandemic prevalence estimates.” Continue reading


Nursing home administrators have recently filed a lawsuit in order to block a New York law that they believe to be unconstitutional and would enforce staffing requirements, which would lead to the spending of $500 million more on care for residents.

Nursing home operators have filed a federal lawsuit attempting to block a New York law mandating certain staffing requirements. The law, passed last year and set to go into effect this year, would require nursing homes in the state to “to spend at least 70% of their revenue on direct resident care, and at least 40% on staff who deal with residents,” according to a report by the Times Union. 

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A recent investigation by the New York Times takes a look into whether or not nursing homes are doing enough to administer Covid boosters to its residents and protect them as this new variant runs rampant throughout the state.

A new investigation by the New York Times examines whether New York’s nursing homes are doing enough to provide their residents with Covid-19 vaccine boosters as the omicron variant surges throughout the state. State data cited by the Times shows that booster efforts are lagging. At Sea Crest Nursing and Rehabilitation in Brooklyn, for instance, only 52 of 274 residents have received the booster shot, even though “more than 100 residents” at the facility have died of Covid-19 in the last two years.  Continue reading


A California nursing home was fined nearly $1 million dollars after a visit by inspectors lead to the shocking discovery that Fresno’s Northpointe Healthcare Center’s patients were in danger due to overworked staff failing to properly care for residents and administer medication.

A new investigation by CalMatters asks why a nearly-$1 million fine issued against a California nursing home over alleged health code violations went unknown by consumers. In 2018, state health inspectors visited the facility, Fresno’s Northpointe Healthcare Center, and found it to have health and safety deficiencies that put its residents in “immediate jeopardy.” These included a resident “hospitalized with sepsis after missing four doses of an antibiotic,” overworked staff missing treatments and failing to administer medication, and residents suffering from bedsore-related pain. After the state inspectors released their findings, federal authorities fined the facility $912,404, reportedly “the largest penalty given to any California nursing home in at least a decade.”

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A recent investigation found that many nursing homes are violating the rights of residents and putting them in danger but that they are able to appeal these decisions, which could lead to these violations being hidden from the public.

A shocking new investigation by the New York Times revealed extensive evidence that some of nursing homes’ most egregious rule violations, from infection control lapses to outright sexual assault, go undisclosed by the federal government even as state inspectors report them as putting residents in danger and breaching federal regulations.  Continue reading


Upstate New York is facing a massive rise in Covid-19 cases while also dealing with staffing shortages, leading to hospitals and nursing homes being overflowed with patients.

A recent New York Times report describes the “growing crisis” in upstate New York, where rising Covid-19 cases and labor shortages have resulted in overflowing nursing homes and hospitals. Governor Kathy Hochul reportedly said last week that hospitalizations in upstate New York “have more than tripled” since the initial Delta wave in August.  Continue reading


Nurses in New York City have recently started protesting staffing shortages in NYC hospitals because the nurses who are currently employed are being overworked and expected to take on more patients than physically possible.

New York City’s nurses have taken to the streets to bring attention to staffing shortages in the city’s hospitals. According to a November 17 report by NBC New York, at least 100 nurses gathered at New York-Presbyterian Hospital earlier this month to highlight hospital staffing shortages that have led to “long hours and the inability to take care of their patient load.”

The shortages have reportedly led to taxing working conditions for the city’s nurses, with patient-to-nurse ratios of 30 to 1 in some hospitals, according to a report by the New York Daily News. “We took an oath in nursing school that we were going to do what’s right for patients,” one emergency nurse told NBC. “[…] We can’t do what’s right because there is not enough of us to do what’s right.”


Recently released federal data shows that nursing homes across the country are experiencing a sudden increase in Covid-19 infections and this may be due to a delay in boosters being administered to residents.

A recent surge in Covid-19 infections among nursing home residents has drawn attention to the slow rollout of booster shots in such facilities. According to a recent report by the New York Times, federal data shows that there are almost 4,000 new Covid-19 cases each week in nursing homes around the country, with experts suggesting that many such clusters are occurring in facilities that haven’t yet administered vaccine boosters to their residents.  Continue reading


Recent investigations into former governor Cuomo found that a sizable number of Covid-19 nursing home deaths had been under reported and excluded from the total number of deaths.

A New York assemblyman has said that the legislative body’s investigation of former governor Andrew Cuomo found that his administration provided misleading information about Covid-19 deaths in New York nursing homes, according to a recent AP News report. The assembly’s inquiry reportedly confirmed earlier investigations by news organizations that found “gaps in the state’s statistical accounting of fatalities,” like its omission of “thousands” of Covid-19 deaths after residents were transferred from their nursing home facilities to local hospitals.  Continue reading

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