Cayuga County Nursing Home Found Deficient For Failing To Prevent Bedsores And Accidents

A January 31, 2011 survey inspection conducted by the NYS Dept. of Health resulted in numerous deficiencies at Cayuga County Nursing Home, an upstate New York long-term-care facility. More recently, the facility was cited for 40 standard health deficiencies (statewide average is 17) in July 2011. The specifics of the July survey are not yet available online. The most glaring findings in the January 31, 2011 report involved the facility’s failure to prevent accidents and falls, the development of bedsores (pressure ulcers, decubitis ulcers) as well as its failure to maintain accurate clinical records.

With respect to the bedsore deficiency, the surveyors found the nursing home failed to prevent the progression of a heel ulcer that resulted in severe pain to an anonymous resident. More specifically, the surveyors found that the facility:
– did not develop and implement a preventive, pressure-relieving comprehensive care plan related to the need for turning and positioning the resident while in bed, or in her wheelchair; the need to float the resident’s heels off the bed, and the need for the resident to wear heel protectors;
– did not assess the cause of the resident’s pressure ulcers to prevent the recurrence of skin breakdown and promote timely healing; and – did not ensure pressure relieving foot care measures were consistently implemented to promote healing of the resident’s left heel pressure ulcer.

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