Choking Incident At New York Nursing Home Handled Inappropriately By Staff Causes Death

The Crossings, a New York nursing home, was fined $13,300 by the federal government as a result of an incident involving a choking resident. The resident was fed pancakes and sausages, both of which were cut into tiny pieces. Soon thereafter, a nurse’s aide noticed the resident was not breathing and that the resident’s lips had turned blue. However, the nurse’s aide neglected to call a “code blue”, call 911, and/or perform the Heimlich maneuver. A licensed practical nurse and a registered nurse who appeared on the scene a few moments later also failed to call 911 or a “code blue” immediately. As a result, the resident went into cardiac arrest and died at a nearby hospital.

The Crossings was cited for failing to appropriately train its employees regarding “code” situations, as well as providing care that did not meet minimum professional standards. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a choking incident that was not handled appropriately, please contact the New York Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys at the Law Offices of Thomas L. Gallivan, PLLC.

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