Aide, Supervisor Terminated After Beating / Attempted Cover-Up at Staten Island Nursing Home

A certified nurse’s aide and her supervisor have both lost their jobs after the aide was accused of beating a developmentally disabled resident at Lily Pond Nursing Home in Staten Island. The supervisor is accused of attempting to cover up the incident. The aide allegedly struck the resident several times in the head during her shift. An EMT witnessed the incident. According to the EMT, the supervisor advised the technician not to report the incident. Both the aide and the supervisor have surrendered their licenses, and both were conditionally discharged by the facility.

Federal and state regulations each mandate that accidents and incidents of abuse in nursing homes must be reported immediately. When coupled with the obvious prohibitions of abuse in these homes, it is no surprise that both the CNA and her supervisor were discharged by the facility. It remains to be seen whether the facility will be found responsible in a civil lawsuit, under the theory that the employer failed to properly train the aide and/or supervisor and/or failed to properly monitor the resident. Nonetheless, this is a disturbing instance of elder abuse, and a reminder that we must remain diligent in ensuring that our loved ones are free from abuse and receiving the level of care that they are mandated to receive from nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Website Resource: Beating, cover-up at nursing center on Staten Island, , Frank Donnelly, November 29, 2011

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