Elder Abuse More Widespread Than Reports Indicate

A recent study by Cornell University has found that elder abuse is far more pervasive than reported cases would indicate. The study indicates that shockingly low percentages of elder abuse are actually reported to authorities. In cases of general elder abuse, only 4.3% are brought to the attention of authorities. Financial abuse is reported approximately 2.3% of the time. Incidents of general neglect are made known in a staggeringly low 1.7% of cases.

.elderly woman.jpgEntrusting the care of an elderly loved one to a third party is an intrinsically difficult decision. Even with the proper amount of research, elder abuse is an unfortunate reality that too many families are forced to deal with. The lawyers at Gallivan and Gallivan are trained to help families through these trying situations. If suspected elder abuse has occurred, please contact us to help make the situation right.

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Fraction of Elder Abuse Cases Reported, Study Finds The Sacramento Bee, Anita Creamer, January 5, 2011

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