Elderly Queens Resident Dies of Hyperthermia

An elderly Queens resident died of hyperthermia during last week’s excessive high temperatures. Although the man had underlying medical conditions, the Office of the Medical Examiner declared the death a result of hyperthermia.

Hyperthermia is a condition whereby the body’s temperature rises to dangerous levels due to an inability to expend heat. As with many medical conditions, the risks associated with hyperthermia and heat stroke are severe and potentially life threatening in the elderly. On days when the temperature reaches heights such as those last week, remember to keep hydrated, stay in the shade, and avoid over-exertion. These guidelines are even more important for our elderly loved ones. The temperatures will continue to rise throughout the summer, so be sure to stay cool and safe.

Source: NY1, Queens Man Dies From Hyperthermia During Heat Wave, 6/25/2012

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