Fall At New York Nursing Home Results In Probation For C.N.A.

A Certified Nurse Aide, Dawn Andrews, was recently sentenced to three years probation and 200 hours of community service for neglecting a New York nursing home resident in in a Clinton County facility. CNA Andrews reportedly left a resident with dementia
alone during toileting in violation of the care plan posted on the resident’s door. The
resident fell to the floor and suffered a fractured hip.

This is a common fact pattern in many nursing home neglect cases that involve falls result in fractures. In numerous cases our office has handled, residents have either been left unattended while being toileted or simply ignored and left to attempt to walk from their bed to the bathroom on their own despite being at “high risk” for falls. In many instances the problem stems from understaffing on the part of the operators of the nursing home, and is often not the individual employee’s fault. In those scenarios, there are simply not enough employees to ensure the safety of the nursing home residents.

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Long-Term-Care Community Coalition, 12/16/09 – 3/15/10 Enforcement Report.

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