Falls At Two Nursing Homes In New York Result In Fractured Hips For Residents

At Clinton County Nursing Home in Plattsburgh, NY, Dawn Andrews, a Certified Nurse’s Aide, was found to have violated an elderly resident’s care plan. Ms. Andrews reportedly left a 98-year-old patient unattended during toileting. The resident fell, sustained a fractured hip, and died from these injuries four days later. Unfortunately, this was not an isolated incident, as the day before the fall, Ms. Andrews failed to activate the same resident’s chair alarm as required, and the resident was later discovered on the floor, having fallen from the chair.

At Daleview Care Center in Farmingdale, NY, Dieudonne Poulard, a Certified Nurse’s Aide, reportedly gave a false statement regarding a fall sustained by a resident which led to a fractured hip. Ms. Poulard lied to administrators saying she had no knowledge of the fall, when in fact she had participated in giving care to the resident after the apparent fall.

Long-Term-Care Community Coalition, Enforcement Actions (9/16/11 – 12/15/11).

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