Fieldston Lodge Cited for Failing to Keep Accurate Records

Fieldston Lodge, a Bronx Nursing Home, was cited in a February, 2012 DOH Deficiency Survey for failing to maintain records in accordance with accepted professional records and practices. This failure violated the mandate set forth in Title 42 Section 483.75(l)(1) of the Code of Federal Regulations.

In the incident documented by the Department of Health, a nurse signed for a medication that had not been administered to a resident. The nurse provided the patient several, but not all, required medications. Despite skipping over one of the prescribed medications, the nurse signed the chart indicating that all necessary prescriptions had been administered.

Properly administering medications and keeping accurate records are crucial aspects of an LPN’s job in a nursing home. Residents are dependent upon these LPN’s for their own well-being. As the DOH notes in its report, carelessness such as the type demonstrated by this LPN can often have the potential for more than minimal harm. Luckily for the resident, no actual harm was done in this case.

To read the full report of findings by the Department of Health, click here.

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