Former Brooklyn Nursing Home Administrator Agrees to Pay $871K in Settlement

The New York Daily News reported today that Ruby Weston, former administrator of Brooklyn’s Marcus Garvey Nursing Home and Ruby Weston Manor, has settled a civil suit for $871,000 stemming from alleged misappropriation of funds during her tenure at the helms of the homes. While at Marcus Garvey, Ms. Weston received a $500,000 annual salary and allocated over $1 million dollars to her son for work in Information Technology, according the The News. When ground broke on the eponymous Ruby Weston Manor, Ms. Weston received a $500,000 bonus. An additional stipulation of the settlement is that Ms. Weston never be appointed an officer of another New York non-profit organization.

Both homes have a history of providing substandard care, and the agreement calls for procedural improvements within Marcus Garvey. Ruby Weston Manor is slated to be sold to a for-profit nursing home company.

This blog has documented violations at Marcus Garvey in the past.

Richard Mollot, executive director of the Long Term Care Community Coalition commented, “I’m glad to hear about the money, but what it comes down to is that residents were cheated for years and years from the care they deserved. It’s sad.”

For a full report of the allegations and settlement, see Benjamin Lesser’s article in The Daily News here.

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