Grandell Rehabilitation Fined For Failing To Provide Adequate Supervision To Resident Known To Have Suicidal Ideations

Grandell Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Long Beach, NY was recently fined $32,207.50 by the Federal government stemming from a January 26, 2010 NYS Department of Health Complaint Survey. Surveyors found that the facility failed to provide medically related social services to attain the highest practicable, physical, mental and psychosocial well-being of each resident.

Tragically, a resident with a history of attempted suicide and a recent psychiatric hospitalization for suicide ideation did not have a care plan developed to provide supervision preventing potential self harm. The 78 year-old resident subsequently committed suicide. Further, the facility failed to address the needs of 18 other residents with known histories of suicidal ideation or negative statements.

Surveyors did not find any documented evidence that the facility developed, implemented or trained social work staff in the assessment of residents, who have suicidal ideations or suicide attempts.

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LTCCC Fall Report 2010.

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