Hidden Camera Catches Horrific Elder Abuse at Nursing Home

State investigators in Raleigh, North Carolina have captured several nurses cruelly abuse an elderly man at a retirement home on a hidden camera. The hidden camera was set up after an elderly man told his daughter that the orderlies had been “tormenting and neglecting him,” according to WRAL. In response to the incident, state investigators are investigating the nursing home.

According to the news station, the video shows Richard Johnson, 68 years old and recovering from a stroke, fall out of his bed. After crying out for help, several orderlies pass by and ignore the elderly man for over an hour. When staff members finally arrive they immediately begin berating and cruelly taunting the senior citizen, asking “What are you doing there? Why are you on the floor?” Another nurse joined in on bashing the vulnerable man, stating “You had to do something very wrong with your life. What did you do? You’re suffering so bad, so you’ve done something wrong. Yes, you did.”

According to Richard Johnson’s daughter, Johnson even went to the bathroom while on the floor waiting for help. This unfortunate incident prompted a third member of the nursing staff to scold him, saying “How old are you? One? You’re supposed to be enjoying your retirement. Instead, look what you are doing, pooping on yourself. Shame on you.”

The retirement home is run by Choice Health Management Services, which said all staff members involved in the incident were fired and other members of the staff received additional training, apparently necessary to prevent the inhumane treatment of the facility’s residents. The facility released a statement describing the treatment of Johnson as an isolated incident, however state authorities report the facility has received multiple complaints. Residents have complained of being allowed to sit in their own urine and feces, staffers not responding to call buttons, and inadequate staffing overall.

According to Johnson, her father is in good spirits and proud of drawing attention to the abusive staff at his nursing home. “I like my dad’s spunk when he says ‘Shame on you’,” she told WRAL. “My dad has some fight left, and I told him keep fighting – don’t give up.”

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