Westchester Nursing Home Cited For Failing To Follow Care Plans Regarding Fall Prevention

A New York State Department of Health Certification Survey has cited Tarrytown Hall Care Center for multiple deficiencies. The survey noted four areas in which the facility had been providing sub-standard care, three of which were centered around the development and implementation of resident care plans.

The state and federal regulations provide that care plans must be developed specific to each resident’s needs. These care plans must also be reviewed and updated to account for changes in the resident’s status and additional requirements. In one instance, an eighty-six year old patient fell in the hallway, suffering a broken humerus. The resident’s care plan was not updated subsequent to the fall to take into account additional safety measures necessary for a resident who was now a fall risk. When interviewed by the DOH, the RN manager was unable to provide documentation that the care plan had been revised.

Nursing Homes must also ensure that the services rendered within the facility are provided by qualified individuals in accordance with the care plans. When, after a resident was found next to his bed, presumably after a fall, the DOH interviewed the RN manager who stated that the resident did not need floor mats next to his bed because he was immobile. She was unable to explain how he fell, and further, the care plan required that floor mats were, in fact, to be in place.

Care plans are necessary to protect the health and well-being of elderly nursing home patients. They do little good when they are not followed and/or updated. To provide an optimal level of care, nursing homes must maintain accurate and up to date care plans, and also must make sure that these care plans are followed precisely.

To read the DOH report on Tarrytown Hall Care Center, go to the DOH website

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