Lawrence Nursing Care Center Fined $16,000 by Department of Health

Queens nursing home Lawrence Nursing Care Center received a $16,000 fine from the Department of Health last year, a recent DOH stipulation report reveals. The report of the fine does not reveal the specific circumstances that led to the fine, however in a June 2010 certification survey, the DOH found a violation that led to actual harm for one of the facility’s residents.

The DOH found that the nursing home failed to meet the standards set forth in 42 CFR 483.25(1), which states that ” the facility must ensure that a resident – (1) Maintains acceptable parameters of nutritional status, such as body weight and protein levels, unless the resident’s clinical condition demonstrates that this is not possible; and (2) Receives a therapeutic diet when there is a nutritional problem.” A resident not only lost a significant amount of weight, but also had four stage II pressure ulcers that deteriorated to stage IV ulcers. He also developed two additional stage II ulcers.

hospital bed.jpgAt the facility, he developed two new pressure ulcers in addition to the deterioration of the four present when he was admitted. The survey also found that between February 2010 and mid-May 2010, the resident’s weight decreased from 147.6 pounds to 126.2 pounds, a loss of 21.4 pounds, or over 14% of total body weight. This lack of nutrition can be dangerous because not only does the resident’s weight plummet, but it can also exacerbate existing conditions, as evidenced by the development of pressure sores and the progression of those existing. Based on the Department’s findings, it appears that it felt that the facility did not provide all reasonable means to limit the weight loss and heal or prevent pressure ulcers.

The full deficiency report contains additional findings by the DOH, and can be accessed here.

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