Lawsuit Filed Following Newborn Death as Result of EMS Decisions / Medical Malpractice

The family of an infant child filed a lawsuit after the loss of their newborn in February of 2014 after emergency medical technicians and doctors made a series of medical errors, resulting in the infant’s death.

On January 3, 2014, Sara Keenan breastfed her newborn baby Lana and put her down for a nap; an hour later her husband, Padraig Kennan, went to check on the newborn and found her choking on her own vomit. A houseguest who worked as an EMT was able to revive Lana and the family was able to call 911; this phone call would change their lives forever.

Exchange Ambulances of the Islips transported the infant to Southside Hospital in Bay Shore, an hour away from their home; the infant could have been taken to Good Samaritan Medical Center or Stony Brook University Hospital, both closer to the family’s home and equipped with pediatric intensive care units. In addition to the lengthy transport, EMT’s failed to intubate the baby, give her oxygen or wrap her in an effort to protect her from the cold on the walk to the ambulance parked four doors away.

kennan familyOnce the baby arrived at the emergency room, she was given a cocktail of drugs, including Propofol, the sedative linked to Michael Jackson’s death. The cocktail caused the baby’s blood pressure to drop severely, resulting in the child not receiving oxygen to the brain for at least an hour. Lana was then given epinephrine in an attempt to raise her blood pressure during which an IV was inserted incorrectly.

Lana was then transported to Cohen Children’s Medical Center, part of Northwell Health, in Queens where Dr. Jamie Hoffman-Rosenfeld, who referred to herself as “Dr. House” from the television show, treated her. Dr. Hoffman-Rosenfeld diagnosed Lana as having shaken-baby syndrome, beginning a witch-hunt against Sara and Padraig. The lawsuit claims that the brain damage Lana sustained were not similar to that of shaken-baby syndrome or cases that involve intentional or accidental traumatic head injury.

As a result of the doctor’s accusations, Suffolk County social workers issued orders of protections restricting the parents from seeing Lana and took custody of their two sons aged 6 and 3 at the time. An investigation was commenced on Dr. Hoffman-Rosenfeld, however no criminal acts were found. Two autopsies were performed, confirming no physical abuse occurred. However, the child protection agency pursued a custody case that lasted for 11 months after Lana’s death in February 2014; the Kennan’s were cleared in January 2015. The Keenan’s believe the child protection agency pursued a case against them in an effort to pressure them into giving a false confession. The Kennan’s are bringing suit against Dr. Hoffman-Rosenfeld, Northwell Health, Suffolk County, the ambulance company and others.

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Hospitals Killed Our Baby – Then Tried to Blame Us

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