Nassau County Nursing Home Cited By DOH For Failing To Develop Care Plan For Suicide

Grace Plaza Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, a Great Neck, Long Island Nursing Home, was the subject of a recent Department of Health deficiency survey. The survey cited more than twenty violations, ranging from care plan development to structural issues within the building.

As we have noted previously on this blog, the purpose of a care plan is to assess the proper treatment and supervision that a nursing home resident must receive. In the instance noted by the DOH for Grace Plaza, the facility failed to develop a care plan for suicide attempts, even though the resident in question had a history of at least one such attempt, and was taking anti-depressant medication. This was an isolated incident in the Department’s findings, and did not lead to any actual harm.

The building itself was also in violation in several instances. Areas of fire prevention, electrical violations, and sprinkler system maintenance were found to be deficient. As we discussed recently, many facilities are lacking in areas of disaster prevention and recovery. Based on the DOH report, Grace Plaza is one such nursing home. Should some sort of disaster strike, it is important to know that the facility has a plan in place to minimize damage and protect residents. Perhaps these DOH findings will push Grace Plaza in the direction of updating these systems.

A full list of Department of Health violations, too numerous to enumerate in its entirety, can be found here on the DOH website.

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