New Jersey Nurse’s Aide Fired After Allegedly Beating Resident

A North Bergen Nurse’s Aide has been fired by her employer nursing home for allegedly beating an elderly resident. The attack was caught on camera with a surveillance camera installed by the resident’s daughter. In addition to being fired by Harborage Nursing Home, the aide was arrested and charged with assault, abandonment and neglect of the elderly.The resident died the day after the assault occurred. Although it is not believed that the attack caused the death of the resident, local authorities may still file more serious charges against the nurse’s aide.

An incident such as this is both tragic, and a reminder that elder care is something that must be monitored by those close to the elderly nursing home resident. Whether the abuse comes from an actual assault, as happened here, or through neglect, it is our duty to remain diligent in protecting the rights of our elderly loved ones in these facilities.

CBS News New York has the full story of this incident.

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