New Rochelle Nursing Home Fails to Provide Services by Qualified Persons in Accordance with Care Plan

A February Complaint Survey found Dumont Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Care deficient with respect to 42 CFR 483.20(k)(3)(ii). According to that provision of the Code, services provided by nursing home facilities must be provided by qualified persons in accordance with each resident’s written care plan.

wheelchair.jpgUpon transfer from a nearby hospital, the care plan for the resident highlighted in this report was updated to require a chair alarm to help prevent falls. Despite this change in the care plan, the woman was observed several weeks later in the dining room without a chair alarm in place. Additionally, there were no staff members present to monitor the residents in the dining hall. The facility should have been well aware of the resident’s propensity for falls, as the reason for her transfer to the hospital originally was a fall at Dumont. This incident resulted in no actual harm, but the potential for more than minimal harm. The full DOH findings can be found here.

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