New Rochelle Nursing Home Receives $32,630 Fine For Substandard Care

New Rochelle, New York nursing home, Sutton Park Center For Nursing and Rehabilitation, was fined $32,630 based on findings from a June 18, 2009 NYS Department of Health survey, according to the Long-Term-Care Community Coalition’s spring 2010 newsletter. According to the NYS surveyors, the nursing facility failed to provide necessary care and services that meet acceptable standards of clinical practice.

The facility failed to ensure staff members were knowledgeable of resident’s advance directives and knowledgeable of the facility’s cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) procedure. The administration of the home failed to develop and implement effective policies and procedures for responding to emergent situations. Sutton Park reportedly had three different policies and procedures for CPR.

Additionally, the facility failed to ensure that adequate CPR trained staff were present on all shifts. More specifically, a staff member failed to provide CPR when a resident was found unresponsive and identified by the LPN with advance directives for resuscitation.

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