New York Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Report: Two Suffolk County Nursing Home Employees Sentenced For Abuse/Neglect Of Residents

Two employees at Suffolk County, NY nursing home, San Simeon by the Sound Greenport Finley, Donald, were recently sentenced after being charged criminally for abusing and/or neglecting residents. Licensed Practical Nurse, Donald Finley, reportedly failed to administer a medication to one resident, failed to change a bandage for another resident, and failed to perform a blood sugar test for a third resident. Most concerning, Nurse Finley also falsely documented that he did perform the treatments. Nurse Finley was recently sentenced to three years probation supervision with the conditions of probation that he surrender his LPN license and not work in the health care field in any capacity during the three year probation term. He must also submit to psychiatric, drug and alcohol treatment as a condition of probation.

Donna Naeem, a Certified Nurse Aide at San Simeon by the Sound, reportedly punched an 86-year old resident in the head. As a result, she was forced to surrender her CNA certificate, or not renew it, and not seek employment in the health care industry in any capacity.

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Long-Term-Care Community Coalition, 12/16/09 – 3/15/10 Enforcement Report.

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