New York Nursing Home Attorney Report: Beth Abraham Aide Convicted After Falsifying Records

A nurse’s aide at Beth Abraham Health Services Facility in the Bronx, NY named Vicky Williams, Bronx was recently convicted after prosecution by the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. Ms. Williams reportedly falsified records indicating that she performed hourly visual checks necessary to ensure the safety of a wheelchair-dependent resident.

Due to his underlying mental and physical conditions, the resident had a history of wandering off and falling. The resident’s wheelchair was found at 7:45 am. Video surveillance showed the resident leaving the facility at 1:48 am, six hours earier. Ms. Williams had signed off on hourly checks between 3:00 and 7:00 am. She was convicted on 4/16/2012.

Nursing home residents with a history of wandering and/or falling must be properly assessed for these risks. Once a proper assessment has been performed, appropriate care plans must be created and implemented in order to keep the resident safe. Clearly in this instance, the proper preventative measures were not implemented. Moreover, the nursing aide involved lied and falsified records indicating that proper interventions (visual checks) were performed.

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