New York Nursing Home Cited For 30 Deficiencies

An Orange County Nursing Home, Wingate at Beacon, was fined almost $50,000 by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for violations found during a February 5, 2008 inspection of the facility.  Four of the violations were designated as placing residents’ in immediate jeopardy to their health or safety.

CMS found that the nursing home:

  1. Failed to ensure the facility was free of dangers that cause accidents;
  2. Failed to establish a group that is legally responsible for writing and setting up policies for managing the nursing home (the facility failed to hire a properly licensed administrator);
  3. Failed to administer the facility in such a fashion to result in the highest possible level of well-being for each resident;
  4. Failed to appoint a physician as the medical director.

In addition, the Orange County, New York nursing home was also cited for violations regarding its care for residents with a risk of developing bedsores or pressure sores.

Website Resources:

Inspection finds 30 violations at nursing home in Beacon, Christian Livermore, Time-Herald Record –, August 28, 2008

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