New York Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Report: Queens (NYC) Nursing Home Receives Deficiencies For Failing To Keep Facility Accident Free

New York State Veterans Home in Queens (NYC) received immediate jeopardy deficiencies (immediate jeopardy are the most severe) resulting from incidents of substandard quality of care for failing to keep the facility free from accident hazards, and for failing to implement policies and procedures related to resident smoking practices. These findings were part of a June 29, 2009 NYS Department of Health survey.

The surveyors found that the Queens nursing home staff and administration failed to implement appropriate policies and procedures related to resident smoking practices; failed to adequately assess/reassess the residents smoking abilities and update care plans; failed to provide supervision for residents who smoke in the designated smoking areas; failed to ensure that the residents were utilizing the appropriate receptacle to extinguish cigarettes/smoking materials; and failed to ensure that the designated smoking area was maintained free of litter of cigarettes butts.

As a result of the deficiencies, New York State took the following action according to a Long-Term Community Care Coalition report:

1) Civil Money Penalty: State recommends to CMS;
2) State Monitoring: state sends in a monitor to oversee correction;
3) Directed Plan Of Correction (DPOC): A plan that is developed by the State or the Federal regional office to require a facility to take action within specified timeframes. In New York State the facility is directed to analyze the reasons for the deficiencies and identify steps to correct the problems and ways to measure whether its efforts are successful;
4) In-Service Training: State directs in-service training for staff; the facility needs to go outside for help; and
5) Denial of Payments for New Admissions (DoPNA): Facility will not be paid for any new Medicare or Medicaid residents until correction is in place.

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