Nurse At Medford Multicare Center Sentenced After Neglecting Resident And Falsifying Medical Records

Nicole Campo, a former Licensed Practical Nurse at Medford Multicare Center in Medford, New York was recently charged criminally for neglecting an elderly resident and falsifying medical records. More specifically, LPN Campo reportedly ignored the repeated call bell of an 82 year old resident. As a result, the resident urinated in her bed and became so frustrated that she got herself into her wheelchair and wheeled herself to the nurse’s station, where Campo was standing. Campo blamed a young CNA for the failure to respond to the call bell, and drafted a false statement to the facility during it investigation into the incident. The C.N.A. was subsequently fired. However, the nursing home’s security cameras confirmed the resident’s version of events and revealed Campo’s statement to be false.

As a result of the criminal charges, Campo was sentenced to three years probation with
special conditions that she refrain from employment caring for any incompetent
person (age, physical disability, or mental disease or defect) and required completion of a state-approved substance abuse program.

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Long-Term-Care Community Coalition Report, 3/16/10-6/15/10.

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