Nursing Home In California Fails to Conduct Daily Blood Tests Resulting in Wrongful Death

La Jolla Nursing and Rehabilitation Center was cited by the California Department of Health Services in January 2009 for failing to follow a physician’s orders regarding the administration of the medication, Coumadin.  According to a Department of Health Services report, the nursing home failed to conduct daily blood tests to monitor the resident’s response to the medication, which is taken in order to prevent blood clots.
The state’s review of the resident’s records found that 10 milligrams of Coumadin was administered for 23 days from the time the patient was readmitted to the nursing home until January 16, 2009. The state found no lab reports to indicate that blood testing was done over that period of time. Though the nursing staff’s patient care plan noted an “increased potential for bleeding secondary to the use of anti-coagulant,” there was no evidence the tests were performed.
On January 16, 2009, the resident was transferred to a hospital emergency room and treated for massive bleeding in the brain. Physicians concluded that the patient died do to intraventricular hemorrhage and excessive anticoagulation levels.

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