Nursing Home In Newburgh, NY Cited For Actual Harm Or Immediate Jeopardy

An Orange County, NY nursing home, The Elant at Newburgh, received a citation for an incident that caused “actual harm” or placed residents in “immediate jeopardy.” The details regarding the incident are not currently available, but the citation was confirmed by a statement released by the facility. Apparently the incident was investigated by state and federal regulators as part of the nursing home’s yearly survey. The report is expected to be made public within the next 10 days. An “actual harm or immediate jeopardy” finding is the most severe citation nursing homes can receive.

A former employee who worked in management at the nursing home spoke to the Times-Herald Record on a condition of anonymity. He/she indicated that the citation resulted from decisions made by top management to allocate funds to acquire additional nursing homes that should have been allocated to hiring additional nurses and nurses’s aides to ensure the facility was properly staffed. Unfortunately, this type of decision-making is not uncommon and is a clear demonstration of management putting “profits over people.”

The New York Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Blog will provide details regarding the incident once the survey report is made public.

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UPDATED: Elant at Newburgh cited for ‘actual harm or immediate jeopardy’, Times-Herald Record, Christian Livermore, September 3, 2009.

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