Nursing Home Staffing Levels Fall in Q2 2021: Report


According to a recent report, nursing home staffing levels continue to decline as the number of residents increases and these low staffing numbers can lead to negligence or improper care of patients.

Nursing home staffing levels declined during the second quarter of 2021, according to an analysis by the Long Term Community Care Coalition. A report published by the LTCCC on November 16th found that nursing home staffing levels fell almost 5% from the first quarter of 2021, averaging 3.75 total nurse staff hours per resident day (HPRD) nationwide. This figure also comes sort of the minimum staffing threshold identified by a federal study published in 2001: 4.10 total care staff HPRD and .75 RN HPRD. 

That 3.75 total nurse staff HRPD, according to the LTCCC, includes an average of 0.66 total registered nurse staff HPRD in Q2. The findings also state that the majority of nursing homes nationwide, or 68.8%, fell short of the 4.10 total care staff HPRD. 

Breaking down its findings further, the LTCCC found that total nurse staff HPRD fell 4.5% from Q1 2021, from 3.92 HRPD to 3.75 HRPD. Total RN staff HPRD, meanwhile, fell 5% from Q1 2021, or .69 HPRD to .66 GPRD. Total direct care staff HPRD fell from 3.62 in Q1 to 3.46 in Q2, while RN care staff HPRD fell from .47 to .44. While contract staff comprised 5.02% of all nurse staff hours in Q1 2021, that percentage rose to 5.75% in Q2 2021. As nurse staffing levels fell, however, residents roe, with the average total resident census of 1.1 million in Q1 increasing about 29,000 in Q2. 

Breaking down its findings by state, the LTCCC found that New York was one of many states to fall short of the federal minimum staffing threshold of 4.10 total care staff HPRD and .75 RN HPRD. The data shows specifically that New York had a total nurse staff HPRD of 3.52 and a total RN HPRD of .67. With a total resident census of 89,242, New York came in 46th place nationwide for total care nurse staff HPRD and 34th place for RN HPRD.

More information on the declining nursing home staffing levels is available via the LTCCC’s report

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