Nursing Homes Compete with Lavish Amenities for Short-Term Rehabilitation Residents

Nursing homes are restricted in the amount of Medicare dollars they receive from federal and state governments. In addition, a large portion of their income is generated by payments from residents for services and stays. Rather than increasing the level of care and access to medical personnel, some nursing homes have focused their attention on increasing unnecessary luxuries to attract more residents.

In 2011 alone, Medicare paid $2.8 billion towards hospital bills for infected bedsore that required her to be hospitalized.

Experts have labeled this bait-and-switch the “chandelier effect” because the nursing home will promise bells and whistles and instead continue to deliver sub-par care for high prices. By focusing on unnecessary luxuries, nursing homes are unable to provide the residents with what they really need – competent medical care. A resident enticed by the attractive amenities will soon find that they will be unable to enjoy any of the amenities if they don’t receive proper care. In fact, many residents have died as a result of the substandard care in today’s nursing home facilities.

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