NY Nurse’s Aide Photographs Genitals Of Brain Damaged Nursing Home Resident

Following an investigation by the New York State Attorney General, Shane Spooner, 33, a former nurse’s aide at a New York Nursing Home, was charged with second-degree unlawful surveillance and first-degree dissemination of an unlawful surveillance image, both felonies.

Spooner apparently took a picture of a 49-year-old resident’s genitals with his cell phone. The resident reportedly suffers from a traumatic brain injury. Thereafter, Spooner allegedly sent a text message with the photo to a female employee who advised her supervisor of the incident.

Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo, labeled Spooner’s actions “a disgusting example of abuse within the walls of a New York nursing home.” For a further discussion of the investigation please visit the Media page of the New York State Attorney General.

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