Plaintiffs Claim CA Nursing Homes Putting “Profit Over People” By Failing To Provide Adequate Staff

The company that owns 22 for-profit nursing homes in California has been named in a class-action lawsuit accusing them of “skimping on staff” to raise profits at the expense of patient care. The lawsuit was filed in 2006, and the plaintiffs rested their case earlier this month.

In the lawsuit, plaintiffs accuse Skilled Healthcare Group Inc. of violating the California law that requires nursing homes provide at least 3.2 nursing hours per resident per day. The lack of adequate staff at the homes, the lawsuit contends, has a direct effect on the quality of care for the residents. The suit is seeking punitive and statutory damages for each day the nursing homes are found out of compliance.

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Valley nursing homes hit in staffing lawsuit, The Fresno Bee, Barbara Anderson, April 17, 2010.

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