Proposed NYC Bill Aims to Regulate Adult Day Care

A bill pending introduction proposes to require a set of threshold requirements for adult day care centers. According to the NY Times, as the number of these centers has increased in recent years, so too has the number of centers who abuse the Medicaid programs that support them. The Times reports that a number of newer facilities have been using the daily per-resident Medicaid stipend to enhance programs and recruit seniors. More seniors in a program means more money from Medicaid. Further, because certain facilities are using the Medicaid stipend for unnecessary amenities, they are attracting healthier seniors to the detriment of seniors who may have a greater need for the programs. In some cases, according to the Times, facilities have even used cash as a means of recruiting additional seniors.

The proposed legislation would set a threshold for participation, requiring that seniors be mentally or physically impaired to participate. It would also institute safety standards in accordance with other programs currently financed by the state. These enhanced measures do come with drawbacks, however. The additional costs of monitoring and enforcing these regulations would be high. The possibility of new regulations being cost-prohibitive may have an effect on the bill’s success or failure before the legislation.

The story can be found here in the New York Times.

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