Queens Nursing Home Receives Twenty-One Deficiencies in April DOH Survey

Park Nursing Home, located in Rockaway Park, Queens, was found deficient in a total of twenty-one separate areas in a Department of Certification Survey dated April 12, 2012. Divided into two separate categories, the deficiencies were for both the standard health inspection and the life safety code inspection.

Among the health categories for which the facility was found deficient were:

  • Activity Program to Meet Individual Needs;
  • Dignity;
  • Development of Comprehensive Care Plans;
  • Accommodation of Needs and Preferences;and
  • Conveyance of Resident Funds upon Death.

Areas in which the facility was deficient for the safety code inspection were:

  • Automatic Smoke Detection System;
  • Emergency Lighting;
  • Separation of Hazardous Areas;and /li>
  • Stairs and Smoke-Proof Towers.

Fortunately, no actual harm resulted from any of the above deficiencies. With such a great number of flaws, there is always the potential for harm, as the DOH also notes in its report. The full report, including the individual incidents leading to the deficient ratings contained within, can be located here on the Department of Health website.

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