Resident Fractures Hip after Nursing Assistant Fails to Follow Resident’s Care Plan

According to investigators from the New York State Department of Health, a resident at the Queens Boulevard Extended Care Facility, a 280-bed nursing home located in Woodside, New York, fractured her hip after a certified nursing assistant (CNA) failed to follow the resident’s care plan. In addition, the nursing home did not report the incident until 16 days after it occurred. The DOH investigation concluded that “the facility did not ensure that all alleged violations of abuse, neglect or mistreatment were reported immediately to officials in accordance with State law.”

wheelchair5.jpgThe resident’s care plan indicated that two staff members were required to transfer the patient from her bed to her wheelchair. In an initial accident report dated March 1, 2010, the CNA stated that she wheeled the patient into the bathroom to use the toilet. As the CNA was helping the resident out of her wheelchair, the CNA stated that the resident complained about severe pain in her right hip. The CNA then eased the patient to the floor. However, in a statement dated March 3, 2010, the CNA admitted that she first transferred the resident from her bed to her wheelchair with the assistance of another staff member. The CNA then wheeled the patient to the bathroom, where the resident complained about hip pain after being helped to her feet. The patient was then transported to the hospital.

After reviewing a hospital X-ray of the patient’s fractured hip, a nursing home staff member investigating the incident concluded that the patient sustained her hip injury while “shifting her weight during the transfer.” The DOH report concluded that the injury was a result of the CNA’s failure to follow the patient’s care plan.

When a patient is admitted into a nursing home, a team of doctors, nurses, social workers, therapist and dieticians evaluate the resident’s overall health and health care needs. The team of professionals then develops a care plan for the resident. The care plan is usually updated on a regular basis and provides staff members with detailed instructions on how to care for the patient. Failure to follow a patient’s care plan can lead to serious and life-threatening injuries.

In addition, any allegations of abuse or neglect of a resident must be reported to the Health Department within 24 hours. The Director of Nursing at the Queens facility stated that she was aware of this requirement. However, she stated that she didn’t report the incident involving the CNA until 16 after it occurred because she was waiting to interview the resident after she returned from her hospital stay.

Nursing Home Compare” rates the facility as much above average. The facility’s health inspection record was also considered to be much above average, the highest rating a nursing home can receive.

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