Scarsdale, NY Nursing Home Receives Deficiency From Department of Health For Medication Error

In February of this year, Sprain Brook Manor Nursing Home in Scarsdale, NY, was cited by the NYS Department of Health for deficiencies stemming from an investigation prompted by a family’s complaints. Among the deficiencies noted by the DOH in its survey was a failure to inform the resident and his or her family of an accident or significant change that involves the resident and results in physical injury potentially requiring medical intervention.

Sprain Brook Manor failed to notify a resident’s legal representative (her daughter) prior to instituting a prescription for a new form of psychoactive medication. When the daughter learned of this new medication, she refused to continue her mother on the treatment. The DOH notes that no documentation exists indicating that the daughter was advised of the potential benefits and risks of this treatment. Despite the daughter’s refusal of the medication, the facility administered two doses of this psychoactive medication prior to discontinuing its use three days after the initial prescription.

Providing correct and timely medication to residents is an integral aspect of a nursing home facility. Just as integral is informing the resident and his or her family of the purpose and possible side effects of such medication. In certain cases, because of the risk of adverse side effects, particularly with respect to psychoactive medications, the resident or his or her guardian may refuse medication.

The full details of the Department of Health report can be found here.

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