Immediate Jeopardy Finding In Bronx Nursing Home

Morris Park Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, a Bronx, New York Nursing Home, failed to keep the facility free from hazards and failed to properly supervise its residents, according to a June 10, 2008 Department of Health survey. The failures were found to place the Bronx nursing home’s residents in immediate jeopardy.

Surveyors found that the call bell systems on 2 of the 5 floors were not functional. Call bells provide residents with the important opportunity to call for assistance when necessary. Without a response to a call bell, impaired residents often resort to attempting to perform tasks for which they would otherwise require assistance (eg. going to the bathroom). The surveyors also noted that potentially dangerous items were left within the reach of residents who were know to have cognitive deficits (residents known to wander). These residents has access to an unlocked electrical unit, as well as an unlocked janitor’s closet.

In addition, 19% of residents considered at “high risk” for pressure sores (bed sores, decubiti) were determined to have pressure sores (national average = 12%) and 26% of “short-stay” residents had pressure sores (national average = 14%). Morris Park recieved 38 total deficiencies (state average = 24).

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