Three Local Nursing Homes Must Pay for Medicaid Over-Billing

The Medicaid Inspector General has ordered that three New York area nursing homes must repay the government agency for miscalculated payments made to the respective facilities, reports the New York Daily News. Eastchester Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center and Morris Park Nursing Home (both located in the Bronx), and Sands Point Center for Health and Rehabilitation (located in Nassau County) can appeal the findings in an administrative hearing within 60 days. Collectively, the three New York nursing homes owe more than one million dollars to Medicaid.

Each of the facilities was assessed a charge for allegedly improperly calculating reimbursements from Medicaid for vehicle and travel related expenses. Both Morris Park and Sands Point were quoted disputing the findings of the Inspector General in the Daily News story, so it can be expected that they will appeal to an administrative hearing.

The News story repeatedly states that the Medicaid payments were miscalculated by the nursing homes, so it is unclear if there was actual knowledge or fraud involved in the misappropriated reimbursements. Such cases of fraud have been taken very seriously in the past by the office of Eric Schneiderman, New York’s Attorney General. Whether or not these cases will lead to an Attorney General investigation remains to be seen.

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The full story can be found on the Daily News website.

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