Three Workers at Senior Living Facilty Arrested, Charged with Assault

Three employees at a Havertown, PA senior living facility were arrested recently and charged with assault and harassment stemming from their treatment of a 79 year old resident of the home. Evidence of the alleged abuse came to light after the resident’s daughter placed a “nanny cam” in her room. The resident had previously complained to her daughter that staff at the facility were abusing her.

In addition to the criminal charges faced by the three workers, the family has sued the facility for negligence. In the suit, the family alleges that the facility was understaffed, the existing staff was improperly trained, and that the facility violated regulations for the proper maintenance of a senior living facility.

Website Resource: Delco couple sue senior living facility after alleged abuse caught on tape

Philadelphia Inquirer, John P. Martin, October 13, 2011

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