Two Ferncliff Nursing Home Aides Punished For Trying to Cover-up Fall

Two Certified Nurse Aides at Ferncliff Nursing Home Co. Inc., a Dutchess County, NY Nursing Home, were recently forced to surrender their C.N.A. certificates after a fall during a transfer at the facility. According to a Long-Term-Care Community Coalition report, Stephen Thomas, a C.N.A., transferred a 94-year old resident, who slipped and suffered a broken arm.

The care plan in place called for the assistance of two staff members during transfers. After the incident occurred, Stephen Thomas asked another C.N.A. to lie about the incident and claim that they transferred the resident together in compliance with the care plan.

Both aides were charged criminally and forced to surrender their C.N.A. certificates as a result of the incident. As we have discussed many times here at the New York Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Blog, we have handled many cases where attempts were made by nursing home employees to cover-up incidents of neglect and abuse. Although there is no denying that a fall resulting in a fractured arm is a very painful injury, the cover-up here was likely worse than the “crime” itself and likely lead to a more severe punishment for the C.N.A.’s involved.

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