Upstate Elder Abuse Prevention Program Receives Record-Breaking Donation

Lifespan of Greater Rochester, Inc., an organization providing numerous services to seniors, announced recently that it received funding of $750,000 for its Elder Abuse Prevention Program. The funds were given by Governor Cuomo and the Rochester State Delegation, and will benefit the program that educates and assists caregivers and victims of elder abuse. The program has never before received funding of this magnitude.

old man.jpgLifespan was founded in 1998, and although based in Rochester, has served the elderly and their caregivers throughout New York State. Its primary geographic area of focus is western New York. The press release announcing the funding contains numerous quotes from state senators and assembly-people discussing the importance of protecting our society’s most vulnerable members.

Per its mission statement, Lifespan seeks to provide a full range of services to seniors. The statements reads, “Lifespan is dedicated to providing information, guidance and services that help older adults take on both the challenges and opportunities of longer life. We provide many direct services, we advocate and we guide. We also provide community and professional education.” The organization’s website provides details of the various programs and services that it offers, and can be accessed here.

To read the press release regarding the funding and what it will be used for, click here.

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